Nino Wenger is a saxophone player and composer from Zurich, Switzerland. As a saxophonist, he has performed with artists such as Chris Cheek, Rich Perry, Alan Ferber, Jorge Rossy, Guillermo Klein, Dave Pietro, Roman Schwaller and Adrian Mears. He is a member of the band Linntett, the Guillaume Muller Quartet, the Yuri Storione Quartet and the band No Rain. As a bandleader, composer and arranger, he leads his own quartet as well as the bands The Mingus Project and High Voltage.

Nino made his recording debut with the band Reasom and its single Album Muito Pouco in 2013. In the following year, he recorded albums with the Lukas von Flüe Quartett and the Lucerne based collectives Discosaster and Odd Dog. In 2016, in addition to recording his first live Live album with his own quartet Der Fall, he appeared on Kira Linn’s debut album Nature, receiving critical acclaim. After moving to New York in 2018, he was featured on Guillaume Muller’s album Sketches of Sound and recorded New York Diary with his newly formed quartet. Nino will also appear on Kira Linn’s upcoming album, which will feature Jorge Rossy and Domenic Landolf.

Nino obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Music degree at Hochschule Lucerne and then moved to Nuremberg, where he absolved his master studies in Jazz Performance at the Hochschule für Musik. After that, he decided to do masters programm in instrumental pedagogy at the Jazz Campus Basel, which he finished 2018. In the following year, Nino won the Fulbright Scholarship of the American Government, which allowed him to earn an Artist Dilploma in Jazz Performance at New York University. During his education, he studied saxophone and composition with Mark Turner, Jorge Rossy, Larry Grenadier, Adam Rogers, Guillermo Klein and Michael Wolff. Nino won 1st prize at the Bruno Rother Jazz Competition and the NYU Promising Artist Series 2019. Furthermore, he is an elected participant of the 2012 DKJS Allstar-Bigband and the 2016 Jazz ensemble Generations.

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