Linntett Tour Fall 2019

We just finished the second Linntett tour of 2019. Over the course of ten days we performed in southern Germany and Switzerland.

These past concerts have been an absolute blast. It's a privilegde to share the stage with such good friends and great musicians. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us. Every concert was packed - I could definitely get used to this:) Returning to Nuremberg, the place where we all met and Linntett was founded , was very special for us because we got to see a lot of familiar faces and places. I miss german beer and sausages!

Second album is on the way.

The series of concerts gave us a chance to try out new music by Kira Linn and prepare for the recording of our second album. It's great to see how the band is evolving through Kira's new compositions and it can only get better in the studio, since we will be joined by Jorge Rossy on vibes and Domenic Landolf on tenor and bass clarinet.

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